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Friday, January 16, 2015



The Lord teaches in parables.
This is to provide us with wisdom
that only the wise (not the foolish)
can understand and transfer to our
life-time experiences.
Think of it this way...
we have learned a lot
(and applied it)
in relation to flight
by studying flight
in God's creation.
I believe we must continually be aware
of the things we see and experience
in our lives so as to apply those things
to other situations, however far apart
those two things may be.
Here is a very simple example
from my own life.
Certain hair treatments are used
to help remove the yellowing effect
from gray hair. The product
I am thinking of is a very deep blue/purple color.

What if, in black and white digital photography,
we applied a similar idea. Adding a deep
blue/purple filter (subtly)
to the original black and white photograph.
Would the resulting image produce a desired,
similar effect.
Now I know there are tons of filters and toners
out there... selenium and sepia to name two,
but this is just an observation that I wanted to test.
Now, you may or may not like the effect, but
always pay close attention to
your experiences and to things
occurring around you.
You never know when God is trying
to teach you a parable.

Then Jesus said, "Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear."
- Mark 4:9 NIV

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