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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

a second life...

A second life

I never quite got the hang of Second Life snapshots.
I am an existing light photographer...
(light that God provides)
I do not care for manufactured light from flash,
studio lighting, or "windlight" in Second Life.

Saying that, I did like this bungalow in Second Life.
This was one of my many temp homes there.
Although it was cute, well landscaped and decorated...
it is still a "pixel" house created by human hands
and is not a real "home".
Having a house in "real life" can be a "home" too,
if it is created and lovingly
maintained by the people living in it.
Even if conditions within the real house
are less than ideal,
your "home within your heart"
can be a place of peace and joy.

No distraction or escape to a Second Life
can ever enable you to find that peace and joy,
and may even result in further distancing yourself
from ever reaching that goal,
even if providing a temporary respite.

Until we reach our Heavenly home,
we need to concentrate "all our efforts"
on healing our real life home
and seeking The Lord's presence within.

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