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Monday, September 23, 2013

Sound wisdom

Sound Wisdom

The fifth pillar of wisdom

"Sound wisdom goes back to
the Hebrew word of tushiyah (too-shee-yaw)
which means in a general sense, wise behaviour.
In other words, it is talking about practical wisdom.
How we put wisdom into use
in our day to day behaviour.
Some people may ask
how can we be wise in our day to day behaviour?
What must we do
to be wise in our daily behaviour?
Well, wise behaviour is more clearly defined
in the words 'Righteousness, justice and equity'.
These are the ways that we
can be wise in our daily behaviour.
These are the great prophetic themes.
The emphasis here is on action
rather than on casual armchair religion:

  • Righteousness means in the Hebrew
    to be right or straight.
    It is to act or live in an upright manner.

  • Justice is the ability to come to a proper
    understanding of things through observation.

  • Equity means a way of thought
    and conduct that is honest.
    It means fairness and impartiality.

So sound wisdom means behaving each day
with these three great themes
being the basis of your behaviour."

- Bridge to the Bible

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