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Sunday, June 9, 2013

too great a temptation...

too great a temptation

I remember as a boy
planting 50 black raspberry plantlets
in a field we owned.
Even after supposedly being told
where they were, the farmer
who farms the rest of the land
plowed them under.
I was devastated and very angry.
Instead of taking my side,
my father got angry with me
for getting angry with the farmer
(It was all about anger management).

I also remember planting corn.
Some time later we
found that the crows had gone
down each row and picked out
most of seeds to eat.
But most of my memories
of our garden and the many plants
I've planted over the years
are of the wonderful results
of such toil.

As a young boy, I used to
run out each day,
after a planting,
to look for any new growth.
I still marvel at the beauty
and uniqueness of each and every plant
that our Creator has given to us.

"You give a man color film,
and sooner or later you will catch him
out in the garden taking pictures of flowers.
This seems inevitable. He just can't resist.
He's got this colorful film, y'see,
and he spies this colorful flower, and...
well, not being a chimp, he does realize
that there are enough flower pictures
in the world already,
and that the one he's about to take
isn't going to be of any use to anybody.
But he can't help himself.
It's too great a temptation to resist.
He succumbs to the weakness."

- Author Unknown

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