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Thursday, June 6, 2013

sweet tooth...

sweet tooth

It appears that I have developed
a sweet tooth during
my autumn years.
This is an example of a favorite candy.
Now all candy has to be fresh
in order to really be enjoyed.
There is not much worse than
older, stale candy...
unless, of course, it is stale bread.

If I am going to indulge
in the excessive calories...
it had better be good and fresh.
I have also learned that
after the first couple of bites,
(no matter how fresh)
it doesn't taste quite so good.

If you really want a sweet experience
without the calories, and that becomes
better with every taste...
try digesting His Word.

You will not be sorry.

"Even though [the Bible] is an ancient document,
every person in every situation
in every society that’s ever existed
can find in this book things
that endure forever.
Here’s a book that never needs another edition.
It never needs to be edited,
never has to be updated,
is never out of date or obsolete.
It speaks to us as pointedly
and directly as it ever has
to anyone in any century
since it was written.
It’s so pure that it lasts forever."

- John MacArthur

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