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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009


We leave tracks wherever we go.
It is difficult, very difficult,
to overcome bad habits and habitual sin.
In almost all cases, a lifetime of habitual sin
is impossible to stop by yourself.

A quote by James Allen from
The Gift of Inner Peace
comes to mind.

“Where the calm mind is,
there is strength and rest,
there is love and wisdom;
there is one who has fought successfully
innumerable battles against self,
who, after long toil in secret
against his own failings
has triumphed at last.”

These are the lucky ones.

Admitting that you have a problem
is the first step;
this usually comes through guilt.
Wanting to correct the problem
is a big second step.

There may be several reasons
why you may want to quit.

If your reason is spiritual…
because you want a right relationship
with the Father…
then you have access to a Spiritual helper.
By confessing your sins to God,
asking forgiveness,
and accepting Jesus Christ
as your personal Savior...
through His death and resurrection...
you gain the gift of forgiveness,
an in pouring of God’s love,
and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Even then,
the road is difficult
and may take many years of struggle
and many stumbles or backslides
along the way.

But if we persevere and do not lose heart
we will eventually see victory.
During those struggles,
which the Lord will allow,
we become continually closer to Him,
relying on Him
instead of ourselves… as we grow.

I pray that those struggles
may bring Him, and you
a successful victory
before it may cause you,
and the ones you love,
heartache upon heartache.

Remember the tracks
and avoid turning a crisis into a catastrophe.

Even then
never give up hope
and trust always in the Lord.

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