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Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22, 2009

lesson learned

I compete in an online simulated
computer football game at
It’s a hobby.

During the very first season,
my team made it into the Super Bowl
as a “wild card” team.
We were second in our respective division
and I really didn’t expect
to make it to the Super Bowl,
let alone win.

In season four, my team was 16-0
and was the top offensive AND
defensive team in the entire league.
We scored an average of 33 points
and only gave up an average of 9 points.
I had every expectation
of going all the way.

We lost our first game of the playoffs 23-22
missing a field goal
in the last several seconds of the game
to a team that was 9-7
during the regular season.

"Then trust the Lord completely;
don't ever trust yourself.
In everything you do, put God first,
and He will direct you
and crown your efforts with success.
Don't be conceited,
sure of your own wisdom.
Instead, trust and reverence the Lord…”
- Proverbs 3:5-8 TLB

I trust this was all the Lord’s will…
after all, if the results had been different
I probably wouldn’t be sharing this
with you now.

The Lord is full of surprises
and His presence is everywhere.

He has a purpose for everything
and both He and I
sometimes share a sense of humor.

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