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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008

writer's block

Have you ever reached a stage in your writing...
your devotionals, your blog posts,
your comments, or your thoughts...
where you find it more difficult
to say what you want to say?

That should be...
to say what the LORD wants you to say.

Perhaps that is the problem.
We concentrate so much on what
we want to say
that we forget we should be saying
what He wants us to say.

The fact that you are having this difficulty
is almost a sure sign that the Lord
is working within you.

Is it simply a matter of priorities?
Actually it is more than that.
Having priorities implies
a self made list of what (or who) comes first.
Instead we should be so in tune with God
that we don't have to keep a list.

If our hearts are right with God (within us)
then out of us will naturally flow
the spirit of Christ.

It is hard for us to stop trying to think our way
to spirituality (which cannot be done)
and instead to give Him total control
to be used by Him for His glory.

By yielding to Him completely
we will become more free from things worldly
and find His peace.
He will alter our character (changing our direction and focus)
while we retain our individual personality.

This is what is meant to die to self
and be reborn...
to cast off the old man
and be made anew.

Rely not try.
Allow the Holy Spirit
to work within you
and trust completely in Him.

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